Budh Tabij/Yantra

Governs brain, pituitary, and earth element. It kills microorganisms of all types. Cures fevers due to typhoid, smallpox, chicken - pox, measles, tuberculosis of the lungs, brain fever ( encephalitis), meningitis, etc. Used in combination with Blue an Indigo it cures any type of fever, jaundice, etc . Very good for malignant growths (Cancers, Sarcoma etc .). It is a good protein anabolic. Very useful in recent acute disorders having a fever, redness, eczema, and ringworms help in eye infections, used in the treatment of venereal diseases. fever , redness , heat etc. Cures constipation and relives gripes, helps in control of hypertension, helps in the heat and loss of function, signs of quells tempests restrains passion. Favors functions of the liver produce bile, relieves dysentery and promotes childbirth. Protects, a women’s chastity and to preserve the love and esteem of her husband. Used for bodily health, hemorrhages. Has a cooling effect, increases fat, cures acidity and burning in the body. The good remedy for vomiting, asthma, debility, jaundice, fuels.

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