Ketu Tabij/Yantra

Good for migrain, asthma, chronic skin disorders Infra-red is the hottest ray. Often required in very chronic cases and in terminal diseases. Cancer cases have responded wonderfully, paralysis, croup. It removes excess of a cough and VAYU and aids digestion. Acute skin diseases, cholera, nervous debility, small-pox, uterine diseases. Pimples, colic pains, dropsy, abscesses, heart diseases, hunger, ringworm, burns, injuries from accidents and fire, apoplexy. Intestinal worms , epidemics , eruptive fevers, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, deafness and defective speech. Gains at horse races, lotteries, and games of stakes. Useful in eye troubles and mental troubles and cures asthma and swelling of the windpipe, coughs, and piles. Helps digestion and intellect. regulates bile, moves the bowels and cures eye troubles. Increases semen.

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