Healing through Reiky from a distance can be applied when one is not physically in contact with the person needing treatment . It can be put to use by letter or telephone . People would not easily digest this method of absent healing but once they have had a " normal " treatment , they will usually open up in their attitude to the experiment . It will be important to fix a time when both the healer and the healee are peaceful . Evenings are suitable periods . Like direct treatment , absentee healing should be carried out on the four successive days . The recepient should not be very active at the appointed time and should sit or , more preferably , lie down . It will be necessary to plan the appointments consientiously . Patients photograph will necessary and helpful .

Helpful in :- Anxiety , Depression , Physical ailments , Addiction , Phobias .

Reiki session 900/- per session ($18.00)

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