Saturn Tabij/Yantra

It helps Maniacal insanity. Energises Spleen. Nervous and mental disorders, neurosis, neuralgia, diseases of the scalp, pains in any part of the body, rheumatic pains, ulcers on the skin and flash and various other skin diseases including ailments and those of bony system. Intoxication eczema and amputation. Falls, injuries, bruises, the curvature of the spine, gallstone etc. Blood Pressure cerebral anemia, thrombosis, cardiac trouble, gout etc. Paralysis, insanity, elephantiasis, cancer and other Useful in gout. Powerful defense from harm. Preserver from envy and attracts divine favour , banish, enables to hear and to understand the obscurest oracles. an antidote against poison removes impurities or foreign bodies from the eye. For profuse sweats, ulcers and eye troubles, melancholy Maintains manly vigor.

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