Vrihashpati Tabij/Yantra

Jupiter is the planet of prosperity, abundance, education, happiness, and success, also the benefactor of children and divinity. Wearing Brihaspati Yantra brings wealth as well as success. The antidote to hemorrhages. It safeguards the mentality, sharpens the intellect, bestows tranquility and contentment upon the personality. Knowledge of ancient texts, scriptures and are firm believes. They make good teachers, scholars and are balanced in their approach. gives knowledge, life, and fertility. Saves the mind from cultivating envious and jealous thoughts and dispelling depression and gloom. Soothes angry passion, Promotes sleep, drives away nightmares and evil dreams. Guards the owner against injury by fire, from accidents by scalding water Powerful amulet on a pilgrimage, certain to reach journey’s end and in perfect safety and with no hindrance upon the way .protects against sudden or violent death and conferred the boon of wealth and the patronage of influential persons. Deterrent against the “ Evil - Eye“, protects the owner from any who might be practicing Black magic against him. relieves gout, for some disorders of the circulation and for many internal complaints. They are impartial and love to visit holy places. A unique and exquisite Yantra. This Yantra protects the wearer from enemies and also gives the wearer beauty and splendor.

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